How can my software or organization be added?

Check the application form.

Can I adjust the placement of my description?

No, first come, first serve. Who registers early gets the higher spot. We are evaluating an „application of the month“ placement where software vendors can apply for.

Will I be charged once I am on the map?

No, neither vendors nor individuals visiting the site will be charged money. This service is completely for free.

Can I print the map as a poster and pin it on my office wall?

Yes, you may. Please, in return post a photo of it on social media with a link to the website.

Will there be an interactive link to my application’s website on the map?

We are still checking feasibility.

Will the map be updated?

Yes, it will be updated regularly on a monthly cadence. Check the timer at the bottom of the page.

What are preconditions to be featured on the map?

  1. Fill the application form.
  2. Add a backlink to your site that points to https://salesengineeringmap.com.
  3. Post about this map on your social media channel.

Can I order a custom map?

You can. Let’s talk about your needs. Contact Patrick Pissang on LinkedIn.